Electrochemistry of Biosystems
Linking Glucose Oxidation to Luminol-based Electrochemiluminescence using bipolar Electrochemistry
Asymmetric Modification of TiO2 Nanofibers with Gold by Electric-Field-Assisted Photochemistry
Stimuli-responsive microgels for electrochemiluminescence amplification

Vanhove E., Ben-Amor S., Charlot S., Colin D., Devin A., Rigoulet M., Sojic N., Sékli Belaïdi F., Launay J., Temple-Boyer P., Arbault S.,
I.E.E.E., Proceedings of Transducers 2013, 1135-1138.

(Pt-Pt-Ag/AgCl) electrochemical microcell arrays were realized using silicon-based microtechnologies. Integrated working platinum ultra-microelectrodes (UME) were characterized compared to standard “polycrystalline platinum” for their electrochemical properties and well-controlled active surface. Nevertheless, further improvements were obtained using a "black platinum" electrodeposition process, allowing to reach a 12-15 fold active surface increase. These modified platinum UME arrays were studied for the detection of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), evidencing a quasi-linear response (sensitivity: ~ 400 pA/μM) and an improved limit of detection (~ 40 nM). Finally, they were applied to the analysis within an oxygraphy chamber of mitochondrial production of H2O2. This first study paves the way for the detection of several biomarkers on an integrated microchip and therefore for multi-parametric monitoring of mitochondrial metabolism in physiological and pathological conditions.


ProceedTrans2013 p1135 TOC

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