Launched in January 2014, BrivaTech  is  a  technology  transfer  unit  being  part  of  the  Institut des Sciences Moléculaires,  the  biggest  laboratory  in  the  field  of  Molecular  Sciences  at Bordeaux University.

Its  main  activity  is  to  provide  services  in  molecular  synthesis  and  structured  materials, mainly based on functionalized nano- and microparticles. Furthermore,  BrivaTech  facilitates  the  access  to  both  know-how  and  technological  expertise  of  the  research  group “NanoSystèmes Analytiques” for industrial customers and academic partners. Advice, involvement in collaborative projects as well as R&D for  innovative high-tech processes  -  in the field of biosensors, optical fibers or smart particles capable of reacting to a given environment - are also part of its activities.

If your are interested in any of these products, feel free to contact us !